A downloadable game

Made for GBJAM 8

Some lose their souls in the search for power. When they take what's not theirs, it's up to Lily to ensure they also lose their lives.


Arrow keys - Move

Z - Attack

SPACE - Jump


-Dying and defeating the boss at the same time crashes the game

Stage 1 music by Cane B:



Golden Flame.zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip archive, launch Golden Flame.exe in the resulting folder.


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Great game!  This was really fun.  I died on the second form of the boss, so had to go back and finish it off!  Difficulty was perfect there!  I was genuinely worried I'd lose again once I realized that when you died, the boss also respawned.

I thought the pixel art was really good, even locked into the game jam's minimalistic style.  The music and sound effects were on point (props to the bg music), and I liked the creative decisions like have the HP be the shrinking flame.  Cool two form boss, with those dropping fireball / pillar things.  Well done!

Thanks a lot!